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Recently tested then purchased a Fence Boss dual rear reel unit with a front spot light and post carrier unit on my 400 acre dairy farm. I found it nicely engineered out of alloy and stainless steel, sturdy and likely to out last many quad bikes. The LED spotlights are a must have and would not do without them once you’ve used them. The clip in post holder can hold many spare posts without losing any at rough gateways. The reel holders mean no dropped reels in transit and increases our setup efficiency with the break system. I would suggest anyone who strip or block grazes to check this system out.SpeakMarks_Closing


Mike Whitford, Neerim South


Since purchasing the Fence Boss we have found it significantly reduces time, loss and damage of fencing equipment as well as employee labour costs.

We currently have the Fence Boss stationed permanately on our ATV. We not only use it to transport our fencing equipment safely but also to store our fencing equipment so we always have it on hand. Our fencing gear is always “ready to go”. By using it as a storage device also, it prevents the effort required to carry, load and unload the fencing equipment to and from the fencing shed.

We have worked out that the Fence Boss would pay for itself in a year on our farm. When in use, it can save us between 15 and 30 minutes per day. Roughly we have worked out that in labour, this equates to between $1000 and $1500.00 per annum. This dollar amount saved for our farm would also increase if we were to consider the amount of money spent replacing reels, braid wire and fence posts over the year through being damaged or lost.

The Fence Boss saves us time as no longer do our staff leave our posts and reels at the gates of paddocks to be picked up later. All the gear comes back immediately to where the bikes are stationed after the fence has been taken down and put back on the Fence Boss.

We also no longer have the awkwardness of transporting fence posts. They remain well contained/secure and the safety of the rider is maintained as they do not have to worry about the fence posts falling off the bike at any time during transport.

The structure of the Fence Boss is well designed. Not only is it lightweight but durable. The Fence Boss has been constructed in a way that doesn’t make it too “bulky” on the front of the motorbike. Therefore, it does not make weight on the bike unevenly distributed and it is not heavy.

The option to have lights installed with the Fence Boss is an additional bonus! These lights have made a huge difference to ATV riders visibility in the dark. To prove this point, since we have had the lights installed, our employees always choose to ride the motorbike that has the Fence Boss installed on it when getting the cows in the morning.

Another positive about the Fence Boss is that since we have purchased it, we have noticed that our reels remain much cleaner! They are also in much better condition and no longer get broken or accidentally ran over. This product has eliminated all of these issues.

We are extremely happy with this product and the positive reception we have had from our employees in regards to using it. We would definitely recommend the Fence Boss to any farmer, whether it be one who farms alone or with employees.SpeakMarks_Closing


M & T Hammond, Labertouche

Working on a large dairy research farm that has a high demand for temporary electric fencing always had me thinking that there must be a better way to both store, transport and run out this type of fencing. When given the opportunity to trial the Fence Boss System, it did not take long to decide that this system was what I’d been looking for. From this I purchased a rear dual reel with storage box unit as well as a front mounted post carrier with spot lights.

The Farm Boss system worked for both the commercial operations of the research farm and during experimental periods where between 5 and 25 individual fences need erecting daily. An additional unit was purchases which used the farm boss’s modular system to create four reel running unit which was fitted to a Kawasaki Mule.

The main benefits I found with the Farm Boss system are:

  • Securely and safely transport multiple reels and trend in posts (less broken reels).
  • Running reels while still maintaining full control of the ATV.
  • Light weight, versatile construction.
  • Increased vision at night with lighting attachments.
  • Inter changeable between ATV’s.
  • Additional storage capacity.


The Fence Boss System has been a great addition to our everyday farm equipment pool and I would recommend you contact the boy’s at AGRevolution and give the Fence Boss a try for yourself.



Greg Morris – DEPI Farm Manager & Senior Technical Officer, Ellinbank